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Last week, I was a guest on the Bigger Pockets Money podcast, hosted by Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen! Listen to the podcast here:

Inside the Episode:

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3 thoughts on “Bigger Pockets Podcast”

  1. Hey Joel,

    Just want to reach out and say Thank You. I handed in my resignation the same week you were on the BP Money podcast. I was very nervous about quitting my job (still feels weird). But I will never forget you said: “My worst case scenario, is everyone else’s regular day”. I think of this whenever I second guess my decision. Helps a lot!

    Keep on keeping on,

    A fellow Joel

    1. Congratulations!!! This comment made my day 🙂 Always excited to hear people replacing fear with flexibility! I think so many people in the FIRE space work longer than they need to. Good luck, and keep me posted on your journey.

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